Health 2.0 Matchpoint is a one day event where health industry leaders and investors (“hosts”) meet innovative companies in structured 15-20 minute meetings.

Innovators: Showcase a demo. During these meetings, innovators have the opportunity to demo their technology and discuss business possibilities with potential partners and investors. Innovative companies are pre-selected by an expert committee based on our hosts’ areas of interest. Traditionally, over 500+ applications are reviewed to identify 10-15 innovative companies per host, with anywhere from 30-80 innovators being selected overall.

Sponsoring Hosts: Effectively discover new technologies. Matchpoint selectively identifies technologies that speak directly to our stakeholder’s needs. Leveraging our database and market intelligence, we work with sponsor companies to determine avenues for growth. Together, we characterize types of companies and innovations that would be great matches based on pre-selected criteria. Matchpoint saves everyone time and efficiently identifies potential matches that would yield high-growth. Previous sponsors have included large health payers, medical device groups, and more. Our hosts consistently enjoy the Matchpoint experience.

Establish partnerships. These up close and personal meetings allow innovators to pilot, collaborate, and partner with interested stakeholders. Our stakeholders include representatives from large payors, investment groups, corporations, and foundations.

Dedicated Matchpoint events are available as private customized sessions through our Market Intelligence bundle. Please email for more information.