About Us

What We Are About:

Health 2.0 Advisors scans, analyzes, and catalyzes the adoption of innovation in traditional and non-traditional healthcare markets.

While the innovation we focus on always has a technology (and data) component to it, the questions we are asked to address typically focus on possibilities of /implications for new business models, eco-system changes, new patient engagement models, analytics, mobile, etc.

Health 2.0 Advisors prides itself on the unique data, intelligence, and networks that it uses to help companies navigate the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Our team has depth in strategy consulting, entrepreneurship, and a range of industries (from pharmaceuticals to consumer goods and investing), but lives and breathes healthcare innovation and the strategic, operational, and other aspects of the ongoing healthcare transformation. As a result, our clients recognize and value that when we work with you, we start with a level of knowledge and insight that others can only hope to reach when they finish working with you.

Who We Are

Marco Smit heads up Health 2.0 Advisors. Marco has a long track record of success igniting growth in markets where technology innovation was underleveraged. He has been closely involved with a number of technology-driven industry transformations (incl. personalized medicine, biochips). Marco is excited about helping companies uncover hidden growth potential of their innovations, as well as the best ways to combine doing good, with doing good business.

Marco also mentors startups in Stanford’s StartXMed (e.g. AnalyticsMD) program and is a frequent speaker, writer, and moderator on the topic of strategic innovation in healthcare. Prior to joining Health 2.0, Marco had a thriving career in strategy consulting (most recently with Monitor Company), entrepreneurship (e.g. Spectral Genomics – acquired by PerkinElmer), and industry (e.g. Affymetrix).

Joy Bhosai is our Matchpoint Manager. Health 2.0 attracts many MDs who want to combine their clinical expertise and desire for patient care with the world of technology innovation. While obtaining a MD from UCSF and a MPH from Yale, Joy worked on many international projects to improve access to care in Asia and Africa, for the Clinton Foundation, the Gates Foundation, and government organizations. Previously, she completed a Fulbright Scholarship in Thailand and was recently a New England Journal of Medicine’s Gold Scholar in 2012.

At Health 2.0 Advisors Joy is the point person to make Matchpoint happen, working closely with hosts and young startups alike. Joy also works with Marco on new product development for Matchpoint. While unique and potent already, Matchpoint is an expanding product line that still has much room for more value creation in the US and abroad.