Health 2.0 Source Database


Health 2.0 Source is an industry-leading database that contains detailed information on more than 2,500 companies and 3,500 products. Source is particularly designed to describe and organize companies in a way that makes sense. In our efforts to track the health tech market,  we catalogue companies and products in the Source database according to one of four categories, one or more of nineteen sub-segments, and any number of additional tags.

Categories are primarily defined by user or use-case and best characterize the current macro-level trends we have identified facing the health information technology industry. Our four categories are: consumer facing, professional facing, patient-provider communication, and data, analytics, and exchange. The segments that fall into these categories further describe what the particular product or company does, while the tags provide even more detail and parse out useful identifiers that don’t necessarily constitute segments (i.e. “mental health”, “SMS text “).


Because of the detail required to properly categorize, segment, and tag companies and products in the Source database, Health 2.0 has a particularly refined view of the health technology market. We understand companies and products in detail and their relative positioning to other entities in the space.