Welcome to The Health2.0 Blog

Since the Health 2.0 conference in September, the blogosphere has exploded
with hundreds of blog posts from people all over the country and world. Among
the myriad thought-provoking pieces on Health 2.0 have been contributions by
Esther Dyson at the Huffington Post, David Kibbe,  Brian Klepper and
Jane Sarasohn Kahn defining Health2.0, Amy Tenderich on DiabetesMine, Scott
Shreeve on healthcare FICO scores, and many, many more. There’s been
posts in lots of countries and several languages. Plus the opening video has
been reposted and commented on in several places (usually with great
compliments, but not always!)

Given the bits and pieces of interesting conversation on the Facebook group,
the Health2.0 wiki, THCB and more, we decided to create a forum for our diverse
and emerging community to convene and deepen the conversation. So with great fanfare….

….please welcome The Health 2.0

This blog is for the whole Health2.0 Community as a space to write and to
comment. Several posts from elsewhere are filling the back content, but this
blog is meant for original content.

We’ll be starting with some contributions from people we know well but invite
contributions from anyone, so long as they are relevant to Health2.0,
interesting to the community, and so long as the author commits to contributing
regularly (even if only every few weeks). The detailed rules of engagement can
be found here.

So if your mind is still buzzing from the conference, or if you’re working on
something you want to share with the rest of the community, or if there is
something particularly controversial that you want to weigh in on, send our blog
meister John Pluenneke an email so he can set you up as a contributor!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Indu Subaiya & Matthew Holt

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