Tools to help with Medicare Part D, by Matthew Holt

Medicare Part D is a confusing program that apparently isn’t getting any less confusing or cheaper. In fact the costs are increasing and the array of prescription only plans and the Medicare Advantage plans are confusing at least one columnist at the LA Times. Today is the opening of the six week Medicare Part D open enrollment.

Just maybe Health 2.0 companies are coming to the rescue. Yesterday, Healthline unveiled new tools to help seniors navigate Medicare Part D, using DestinationRx’s tool set for drug plans. DestinationRx has been working with CMS since the start of Part D, and is using a series of partners for distribution. Content players like Healthline are wrapping their own information around the tools.

I particularly love this quote:

“The Medicare Part D enrollment process is more complicated than the tax code, with the average senior expected to choose from as many as 50 different plans and myriad qualifying criteria,” said West Shell III, Chairman and CEO of Healthline Networks

So if things aren’t getting any simpler on the policy side, maybe part of the job of technology is to provide tools to help.

Matthew Holt

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