A Health 2.0 Overview, Through the Eyes of a New Diabetic Geek by Matthew Holt

This is a really interesting phenomenon—a web 2.0 expert, Richard McManus, editor of the well known Web 2.0 blog Read/Write Web, was diagnosed with diabetes recently.

What was his response? To find out what Web 2.0 tools there were available to him. The result?

A Health 2.0 Overview, Through the Eyes of a New Diabetic.

Read through the comments to get a good perspective on several quick issues that come up—lots of support from the diabetic community (including several of our friends like Enoch, Amy T and Manny), notes on how tough it would be for Richard to find future insurance coverage—of course he lives in New Zealand, and many commenters just assume a Web 2.0 guy is American— and of course the requisite loonies suggesting that Type 1 diabetes is curable by drinking the milk of virgin mice (or some such rubbish).

It’s often said that diabetes care is a microcosm of the health care system; and the same thing is true for diabetes in Health 2.0

Matthew Holt

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