Tell us about your Health 2.0 company

We’re collecting information about companies in the Health 2.0 space. And have been for some time. Unfortunately what that usually means is that really interesting companies email us, then email us again to ask why we didn’t respond to the last email. The result is too many really great applications we’d love to hear about getting lost in our in-boxes.

So we’re trying something else instead.

Tell us about your organization using this form, and you may end up being mentioned in dispatches, featured at a Health 2.0 Conference, or landing the VC meeting of your dreams.  Well perhaps not all or in fact any of those …but if you want us to pay attention to your company, this will get it into a systematic review process starring our crack staff.  Otherwise you may face the peril of being lost in the email queue.

Editor’s Note: While the emphasis in the sign up process in the linked form is very much on start ups and new ventures, we encourage you to get in touch even if you are working on a small project.

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