What’s in store for the Health 2.0 Movement in 2008 by Unity Stoakes

For arguments sake, let’s say 2006-ish was the year that Health 2.0 was born. At least that’s when the first new companies really started to take shape in the space and promote innovation in health care in a significant way.  Besides our own OrganizedWisdom.com, companies like Sermo, DailyStrength and Revolution Health all launched new offerings.

But it was 2007 that turned Health 2.0 into a movement (a moment noticed by all who attended the Health 2.0 Conference last September in San Fransisco) and laid the foundation for what’s to come over the coming years: an explosion of innovation, investment, and mass market adoption that if we have anything to do about it will bring us all new/better health care services, bring transparency to our perplexing system, and help us reduce health care costs.

So what’s in store for the Health 2.0 movement in 2008?

2008 is going to be an important year for the Health 2.0 movement.

That’s because we are seeing a number of new products and services
launch, get funded and strike new deals. Perhaps more importantly,
several “start-ups” that have been around for a few years, will start
to hit their stride, gain traction, and refine their business models.
But the biggest trend for this movement may be the integration of
Health 2.0 services and ideas with the health care “establishment” —
large health care providers, networks, health plans, organizations and
information providers as an example.

Companies from the so-called old guard in health care are already
starting to take notice of Health 2.0 from our own observations, but in
2008 they will much more actively get involved, and begin to learn how
to integrate and innovate the ideas, thinking, and services that have
been brewing these past few years.

Dozens of new online health companies
were launched in the past 24 months and if you were at the Health 2.0
Conference last September, then you too felt the momentum that has been
building ever since in our space.

We’re feeling these trends take shape in big ways at our own
OrganizedWisdom Health, but we know it is still very early.  There’s a
lot of work to do in 2008 (and 2009, 2010, etc.) and we look forward to
helping bridge the gap between Health 2.0 and “Health Care”.

Unity Stoakes

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