An early industry sponsored social network site by Matthew Holt

I’ve been getting bugged by the PR folks for an actually interesting looking interactive condition specific site. It’s from a medical technology supplier called Cook Medical for men with with Peyronie’s syndrome–excessive curvature of the penis.

I have no idea if this is a quasi-phantom syndrome (a la restless leg), whether there’s a real community to be coalesced around here, or whether this is just astro-turf. The site itself has lots of videos and a small discussion area, but doesn’t exactly look too 2.0, even while it has the constituent parts.

But the important part is that at least one company has decided that this is an important enough way to drive DTC that they’re willing to put this kind of thing up and label it Health 2.0. We’ll a) see whether it gets any traction and b) see whether it gets to the end result for Cook—more surgery that uses their repair graft product.

But don’t expect this to be last similar site you see.

Matthew Holt

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