Some Health 2.0 Conference notes and catchups from the Scotts by Matthew Holt

Scott Mark wont be able to be here but he wants to follow along at home. He suggests anyone blogging try to use a community tag of “health2con” and that everyone subscribes to the tag on Technorati. Nice idea, Scott.

Another Scott—this one Scott Danielson who’s a film-maker trapped in the body of a health plan exec—has used his artistic and storytelling talents to put together a cool picture book/presentation called Health Transformation 2.0 (although we have to stop Scott calling it Healthcare 2.0 in the middle!). I’m big on using communication tools that work for those who don’t like dense text (e.g. people not like me!) and that’s what Scott’s done a really nice job creating. In his words

Health Transformation 2.0 is a little booklet that provides us with a vision for how we, the early innovators of Health 2.0, can help consumers live healthier, connected lives. The book outlines a few ideas that could revolutionize the management of medical data, facilitate new relationships between caregivers and consumers, and lead to the creation of peer-to-peer platforms that truly empower all Americans to embark on a personal journey to wellness. At its most simple, it’s about better tools and better experiences. This little marvel of a book outlines the core elements that will make up the Healthcare operating system of the future.

I think he’ll have some copies available at the conference, but you can download it here.

Matthew Holt

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