Health 2.0 Online Care Symposium – The Landscape of Online Care Technologies

The rise of social computing a few years back led to an explosion of community-oriented Health 2.0 ventures. Many of these innovations included sites that helped patients to share information with other patients (e.g., PatientsLikeMe) and doctors to share information with other doctors (e.g., Sermo).More recently, a new class of technologies is enabling those patients and doctors to connect. In this session, Matthew and Indu presented the landscape of Online Care technologies, including American Well’s Online Care, Kaiser KP HealthConnect, and others. They examined what’s drawing patients to these innovative services, and what their experiences have been so far.

Presenters: Indu Subaiya, MD and Matthew Holt, Co-Founders, Health 2.0

Indu Subaiya, MD and Matthew Holt – The Integration of Social Media and Online Care [Presentation in pdf format]

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