The Health 2.0 Developer Challenge–It’s On!

Anyone can submit a challenge or join a team to solve a challenge. But the goal is to get the health care and developer communities working on building new innovative applications in rapid-fire time.

The Challenge has two parts: online and offline. The online challenge process has officially begins today—there are four challenges up already and we have several others in the queue, but we’re looking for more!

Four challenges are officially open for competition!

  • Whyville challenges game developers to build tools for their arcade to help kids understand and apply health data. The kids will vote on the winner!
  • Move your apps; a challenge to develop an app for the Android platform that helps users burn calories, brought to you by Snaptic & Hopelab
  • Practice Fusion‘s Real Time Patient-Driven Data Challenge invites developers to build applications that connect to the Practice Fusion EMR platform.
  • The Szollosi Healthcare Innovation Program wants to see whether a lightweight EMR can be built with blog and wiki software.
  • And……Your challenge here!!

Here’s the link to the challenges page

Teams will be working on challenges over the course of the summer. Selected winners from the challenges will be showcased at the Fall Health 2.0 Conference, and we’ll be building an online community of challengers and teams in the coming weeks.

Want to meet other developers and code in real time? That’s the offline/real-life part. Through a series of formal and informal “code-a-thons”, multi-disciplinary teams will work on specific solutions within priority areas identified in advance. The teams will compete in a stimulating environment to build real applications. And yes, there’ll be prizes (and food to keep you going)!

Health 2.0 will host a series of physical events leading up to the final Challenge during the Health 2.0 Annual Conference (October 6-9, 2010) the culminating event of Health Innovation Week, October 3-10, in San Francisco CA. The first mini code-a-thon will be announced soon.

Who can take part?

  • Anyone (or any organization) who wants to issue a challenge about a health related problem
  • Anyone who has data they want to contribute (or wants to see what data is available already)
  • Anyone who wants to work on a challenge (whether they are already part of a team or want to join one)
  • Anyone who wants to sponsor the Health 2.0 Challenge effort with prizes or funding

Come to to learn more, sign up and participate.

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