Health 2.0 Developer Challenge Code-a-thon Winner: Team First Steps

Congratulations to team First Steps for being the winners of the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge Code-a-thon. It is a great accomplishment to form an idea, manipulate data sets, create a prototype with a small amount of time, and win. This team used aggregated data from CDC and National Cancer Institute databases to create new tools to turn massive data sets into an easily understood visual vocabulary that allows everyone to make better health choices.

In all, the judges, at the Code-a-thon, thought that the prototype was great; great concept, great product design, and great presentation. They thought that their idea would make a major impact in the health care community. When team First Step presented their final project, at the Health 2.0 Fall Conference in San Francisco, October 7-8, 2010, the judges were impressed again and awarded them the grand prize. Great work team First Step and don’t spend the prize money all at once.

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