Data doesn’t just grow on trees: 2 Short Surveys Worth Taking

Health 2.0 loves data. We can’t get enough of it. But we appreciate the fact that data doesn’t just grow on trees. Take a few minutes to give back by filling out one or both of these surveys.

PharmD fellows at Rutgers and Thomas Jefferson University are evaluating medically-related social media websites. They’re trying to get a better understanding of what users are looking for and expect when it comes to online health information. The results of their survey will be presented at the annual Drug Information Association conference in Carlsbad, CA this March. Help them out and take 15 minutes to help them out.
webdig web dig WoolLabs, who had a Health 2.0 demo back in 2009, is launching a set of crowdsourcing devices to better understand the viewpoints of those directly involved in healthcare.  They are running a series of surveys throughout 2011 merging data from patients, caregivers, professionals and industry leaders. As they do this, they’ll be combining survey results with their business intelligence engine, WebDig. We’ll warn you now. The survey doesn’t ask easy questions and some topics are intentionally controversial. But there are only 10 questions so it shouldn’t take too long to SURVEY IT UP.

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