Todd Park’s at the DC Code-a-thon: We Love the Smell of Coding in the Morning

Todd Park,  CTO of Health and Human Services just gave an amazing presentation to our DC Code-a-thon crowd. Inspirational and hilarious, Todd provided a fantastic overview of the critical role developers are playing at this exciting moment in America’s healthcare overhaul. The crowd of programmers, researchers and designers exploded into conversation after Todd’s locker-room pep-talk and the coding hasn’t stopped since. An audience tweet from programmer David Hale explained, “now that we have Todd Park out in front, public servants [are] cracking open [the] can of Open Government whoop ass we’ve been shaking for years.”

The majority of the day’s action has yet to come. Follow us live on Twitter at #health2dev (currently, the number one trending topic in DC!).

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