Interview with Rushika Fernandopulle, Iora Health

Today, Indu Subaiya was able to talk with Rushika Fernandopulle about his growing, new health care delivery model, Iora Health.

As Indu notes, we’ve seen attempts at more customer centric practices, but Rushika’s new idea is beyond that. Iora aims to lower the overall costs of health care by starting from scratch, and targeting and engaging those individuals that need more intervention (Atul Gawande summarizes this very well in his article The Hot Spotters, from The New Yorker). In the interview below, you’ll hear how Iora is different from the typical model, the unique challenges involved when engineering a new delivery system, as well as the things Rushika believes are key to success.

We look forward to watching Iora Health grow, and we’re extremely pleased to include Rushika in our “Making Health Care Cheaper” segment during the Spring Fling Conference this March. To learn more about our speakers and demos, check out our exciting agenda here.

[audio:|titles=Indu and Rushika]

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