Live Streaming Demos from the 2/19 Boston Code-a-thon

Today’s Boston Code-a-thon kicked off with a set of amazing presentations. Our early morning broadcast from the Microsoft NERD center featured an overview of HealthMap, an XBOX Kinect programing tutorial and a walkthrough how to use the various goodies supplied MAKE (including Arduinos, sensor, modules and the ever coveted BUGBundle). Since then, there’s been a non-stop furry of programing.

There’s no way to tell what the final products will be but we know our teams have taking on some ambitions projects. One team is building a mobile heart-rate monitor, another is looking at visualizing the physical and monitory gains of smoking cessation via FaceBook and others are finding ways to improving medication adherence with open datasets. If that wasn’t enough to peak your interest, we also just heard one room has fired up a DIY 3D printer(?!) and we know that a team has developed an in-home tremor assessment and tracking tool for patients with motion disorders by tweaking an XBOX Kinect!

Tune to our USTREAM at 5:30p EST to check out these live demos of platforms and physical prototypes that have been built in a mere 6 hours!

Live Demos at 5:30p EST

Click here for our USTREAM Live Broadcast

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Don’t miss your opportunity to see these teams compete with the winners of our other Code-a-thons at the Health 2.0 Spring Fling in San Diego this March!

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