Interview with Arnie Milstein, Stanford Clinical Excellence Research Center

We’re happy to have Arnie Milstein joining us at the Spring Fling later this month where he’ll be on our panel focusing on making health care cheaper. Arnie is the Director of the Clinical Excellence Research Center at Stanford where he is heading up a care-model design lab using teams to create new models for delivery that maintain high quality care while keeping costs low. Or as Arnie puts it, getting “more miles per gallon of health insurance fuel.”

Earlier this week, Arnie talked with Matthew Holt about the low cost, high quality health care model giving us what he sees as the three ingredients that most of the current, successful solutions embody: creating personalized relationships with patients, paying attention to the economy in which they deliver services, and mindfully referring to certain hospitals and specialists. Also, Arnie gives us some insight about the evolution of tele-presence technologies and how they have changed from convenience to actually improving costs while maintaining quality.

[audio:|titles=Arnie Milstein Interview]

Want to hear more from Arnie and the rest of our great speakers? It’s not too late to register for the Spring Fling here.

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