Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health Opens in DC

Yesterday, Kaiser Permanente opened it’s latest interactive learning center to the Washington DC public. The Center for Total Health is designed to attract innovators, leaders and policy makers  to talk about health and health-tech in a common space.

The venue boasts an impressive array of interactive displays intended to inspire dialogue about improving health and wellness:


  • Interactive touch-screen walls allow visitors to explore the concept of “total health:” how people define health, challenges to achieving it and solutions that are working.
  • A massive multi-touch video wall displays an 80-foot-long virtual mural teaches visitors about the health benefits of walking and helps them understand how to build walkable communities.
  • Technology demo stations highlight some of the latest advances in telemedicine, mobile health applications and medication adherence.
  • An educational event and conference center offers flexible spaces that feature a virtual exam room and technology to facilitate virtual meetings.


Sharing best practices through the voices of patients, community members and clinicians, Kaiser Permanente makes a bold effort to demonstrate the kinds of health improvements they aim to achieve.  Philip Fasano, Kaiser Permanente Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, explained, “the center will be the first place that leaders and the general public can go to see the real-world convergence of health, health care technology, and innovation. It is a place where industry and business leaders can fully embrace a vision for total health, see it in action, and… engage other leaders in how to potentially shape health care over the years to come.”

The center opened its doors to a lucky few before April 11th. Matthew Holt, co-Founder of Health 2.0 has first hand coverage and interviews of the center on our sister blog, The Health Care Blog. There, you can check out some of the honest (and entertaining) videos reviews from the Center’s Grand Opening last week.

Located next to the new Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Medical Center, the Center for Total Health is at 700 2nd St NE, Washington, D.C., and is accessible via Union Station.

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