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On April 28th, Health insurer Aetna entered into an agreement to acquire New York-based Prodigy Health Group for $600M. Prodigy is an independent third party administrator of self-funded health care plans that operates under the company names Meritain Health, American Health and Scrip World. Aetna chairman, CEO and president Mark Bertolini said the acquisition of Prodigy Health Group is in keeping with Aetna’s strategy of diversifying its product offerings and adding new revenue streams. See IBR or Fierce Payer for more information.

On April 28th, AccessDNA Inc., owner of  Inherited Health, an online resource for individuals and families interested in understanding family history and hereditary disease risks, has been acquired by InformedDNA (Informed Medical Decision, Inc.). The full press release can be found here.

On April 25th, SurveyMonkey, the leader in web-based survey solutions, announced the acquisition of Infinity Box Inc., the makers of Wufoo, a web application to create online forms (which Health 2.0 uses almost everyday). As part of the transaction, the entire Wufoo team will relocate to Palo Alto to join the combined company and help fuel SurveyMonkey’s continuing growth. See the full press release on SurveyMonkey.

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