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HP has teamed with Singapore’s Telecom carrier, SingTel, to conduct a clinical trial of a wristwatch-like vital sign tracker made by Singapore company HealthSTATS, that transmits aggregate data to an online portal for physician and patient interaction. Similar to a more detailed (and probably less stylish) Basis watch.

The cellular M2M communications company, Cinterion, together with the health solutions developer, TZ Medical have announced the development of their heart arrhythmia monitoring device; further blurring of the line between medical device and information service.

Verilogue has launched a mobile app called CareCoach: a multi-tiered tool intended to deliver automated coaching and improve communication between patients and their care providers. One of the features includes the ability to record your own doctors visit for secure sharing and playback.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida has released a mobile Android/iPhone app for consumers to plan and manage their health.

Click4Care, which sells a care process SaaS for health plans, announced the 4.0 version of its care management platform.

We spoke with HealthPrize (a game based adherence company) last week. They’re going into a trial for 10,0000 diabetes patients with an unnamed big pharma and also starting a partnership with Real Age.


IBM is expanding its’ Healthcare Analytics Solutions Center to incorporate natural-language processing. Similar to their artificial intelligence computer, Watson, this mobile EHR technology will include clinical voice recognition.

Using the model from their Flu Trend Finder, Google has launched a tool for tracking emerging dengue epidemics. It’s part of the new Google Correlates product that enables you to correlate search terms with any weekly number sequence that you may have access to (e.g. stock prices, health data or anything).


DR Systems, a medical imaging service company, announced that it’s developing an Ambulatory imaging-Centric EHR.

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