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The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation launched an interactive website helping patients find reliable information about the quality of health care in 46 states. The map-based directory allows patients to find websites and reports that compare care provided by local hospitals and doctors on outcomes such as whether patients received recommended tests and treatment, overall cost of care, and patient experience with providers.

DiabetesMine announced 3 winners selected from almost 100 submissions for their 2011 Open Innovation Contest. The grand prize winners are: Pancreum, a futuristic modular three-part “wearable artificial pancreas” that combines tubeless, continuous pumping of glucose, insulin and glucagon. BLOB, a stylish, mini refillable insulin pumping device and diaPETic, an iPhone/iPod touch application that creates a pet avatar to encourage glucose testing and control. Users achieving good glycemic control gather points that can be redeemed for “accessories” for their avatar.

A Survey by IBM found that about 80% of surveyed U.S. residents would be willing to pay up to $100 for a medical device that can monitor their vital signs. Only 10 % of consumers are currently paying out of pocket for such devices.

MIT Media Lab debuted a new health monitoring app, DailyData, that can determine a patient’s health risks by analyzing their smartphone use, from calling to texting and other media patterns. As a an example, a bipolar patient beginning a manic episode might send out a burst of texts that might then trigger an alert to the patient or health care provider.

RunKeeper announces integration with 3 more applications – Swimsense, an advanced monitor for swimmers, Earndit, an exercise-based rewards system and runstar™ an Android running app. RunKeeper’s list of integrated partners also includes Wahoo, Withings, Fitbit, Polar and Zeo.

Eliza Corporation announces a new growth investment (of undisclosed amount) from private equity firm, Parthenon Capital Partners. Eliza provides tailored communications such as automated phone call reminders to promote healthy behaviors.

New online telehealth service 2nd.MD allows users to find specialist physicians and book private pay tele-health appointments. Unlike similar tele-health platforms like RelayHealth and American Well, 2nd.MD focuses on connecting patients with specialized providers not available in their areas.

Polyglot Systems’ Meducation SMART app has been named the winner of the Substitutable Medical Applications, Reusable Technologies (SMART) Platform Apps Challenge. The app uses the SMART platform to pull a patients’ medication list from a physician’s EMR or a patient’s PHR and draws upon a drug information database to provide multilingual, patient-friendly instructions.

Doctors at a UK hospital have received a grant from TrustTech, the NHS North West Innovations branch, to pilot an email-based post-operative questionnaire to determine how patients are doing and whether they need to return to clinic for follow up.

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