Self-tracking gets hip: Withings & more

We’ve been watching self tracking at Health 2.0 for a little while, as it emerges from the world of the Quantified Self geeks to becoming a more mainstream set of shiny consumer gadgets. Today’s NY Times takes a look at just a few of the shiniest including Fitbit and the French company Withings. It has a Wi-Fi scale that sends your weight to the cloud and a beautiful (really!) blood pressure cuff that attaches to your iPhone-both of which I’ve been test driving and like. Also although the NY Times author Farhad Manjoo doesn’t seem to care–despite the fact he obviously has a young kid–a Withings baby monitor is on the way to market too. Many other players aren’t in this article, including sleep monitor Zeo, exerciser tracker BodyMedia and emerging data utility layer platform RunKeeper. But you won’t be surprised to hear that all four and more will be at the forthcoming Health 2.0 Conference on Sept 25-7

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