An Encounter with a Duck

As some of you may know, the Health 2.0 conference production team has a small office in Eugene, OR. There are two things that we have a lot of here in Eugene – ducks and trees. (Thank goodness that University of Oregon was smart enough to pick the duck as their mascot, as opposed to the alternative…)

So, it would be fair to say that Eugene is duck-country. But usually when you find a Duck in your backyard, it’s a wayward student.

And with that I’d like to introduce Hank, the unofficial mascot of the Health 2.0 Eugene office.


Hank is, it would appear, a domesticated duck that wandered into our backyard this morning (presumably) in search of food, water and shelter, which I provided gladly. His appearance also provided a brief respite from our weekly Health 2.0 team meeting. (BTW – have you looked at the San Francisco agenda lately? It’s Hank-approved!) As we search for Hank’s owner (Found Duck posters printing as we speak), we wonder… how can we make our conference more duck-friendly? Do YOU have any ideas for making a Hank-friendly conference?

Also, if you’re ever in Eugene, let us know! We love to meet Health 2.0 folks in our neighborhood.

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