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The Health 2.0 New York City chapter will hold its holiday party Wednesday Dec. 7. The occasion: to celebrate the successes of Health 2.0 companies in the past year — and mostly just to meet up, relax and have a good time.

HealthCentral, a consumer website providing health information written by a network of bloggers and expert patients, has been acquired by Remedy Health, a multimedia provider of content and tools designed to help people manage disease. HealthCentral currently receives approximately 3.2 million unique visitors per month.

HealthSaaS and DocLogic announce a new strategic collaboration to deliver health monitoring information directly into live online encounters between physicians and patients. DocLogic’s Telemedicine Solution will now use the HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Framework to review biometric and mobile gathered data alongside patient history as part of each tele-medicine visit.

Philips Electronics launches an app for the iPad 2 that measures your heart and breathing rate as you stare into the tablet's camera. Philips says the Vital Signs Camera app isn't intended for diagnosis, clinical monitoring or decision making. However, Philips says it believes that it can build on the new technology, leading to future medical innovations.

The market for smartphone health applications is expected to exceed $400 million annually by 2016, according to a new study by ABI Research. This number represents a huge jump from the $120 million market in 2010. ABI predicts that creation of new apps will be fueled by new wearable devices and gadgets that can link personal data streams back to mobile programs.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services launches a new online insurance tool at The site provides small business owners a detailed review of their health insurance plan options. It includes information for more than 2,700 coverage plans across the country.

A report by Datamonitor, a market research agency, finds growing interest in telehealth adoption. The company predicts that the overall global telehealth market will exceed $8 billion by 2012. Of note, remote patient monitoring, or homecare telehealth, is taking off.

Rep. Aaron Schock introduces a bill to ensure that rural health clinics are eligible for Medicare incentive payments under the meaningful use program. The current wording of the Social Security Act excludes many rural health clinics from those payments.

The Joint Commission issues a statement recommending that physicians and licensed independent practitioners not send text message orders to patients or to hospitals. They cite security issues and the inability to record messages as concerns. Still, some think texting doctors might have been onto something.

Healthcare Management Systems, Inc., a company that develops IT solutions for community hospitals and specialty healthcare facilities, announced that 17 more hospitals have achieved Stage 1 meaningful use using its certified electronic health record.

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems society will launch a mobile subgroup in late November. The site will provide guidance on mobile tech options and applications and will monitor the latest mobile health regulations and legislation. You can go to the site now to register for the group in advance.

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