Video From the CareCoach Launch at Health 2.0 San Francisco 2011

When patients leave the exam room they remember less than 50% of what the doctor tells them, according to Verilogue CEO Jeff Kozloff. This is especially true for patients who’ve just received serious news. In this video Kozloff simulates what a doctor sounds like to a patient who has just been diagnosed with cancer. After mind-numbing shock sets in, hardly anything from a jargon-laden explanation registers. Verilogue, a health care communications and education company, launched CareCoach at the September Health 2.0 Conference. The online and mobile tool aims to improve doctor/ patient interaction by creating personal audio health records for patients. “It’s O.K. if her emotions take her elsewhere during that visit,” Kozloff said, referring to a breast cancer patient. Patients can replay audio from their appointments and share recordings with those who help them make their health care decisions.

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