3 CEOs Interview with Anne Wojcicki


In the video above, Co-Founder & CEO of 23andme, Anne Wojcicki, sits down for an interview by Russ Mitchell of Kaiser Health News. 23andMe is an at-home, direct-to-consumer, DNA testing service that allows anyone to analyze and learn about their personal genome for just $99. Currently, there is exciting academic genetic research being conducted, and for people who want to make it personal and get in on the action, 23andme offers both health and ancestry services. Having access to personal genetic information is not only empowering to the individual, but through crowd-sourcing, the company is able to lead research of their own. Through their Parkinson’s and Sarcoma communities, 23andme has both replicated findings and made exciting, new discoveries. Anne also makes a special announcement regarding a new pilot project which will allow exome sequencing for some of the company’s existing participants.

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