Zen Demos Its Mobile Critical Test Results Communication


Here’s Sales and Marketing Director of Zen Medical Technologies Mario Pino on the HIMSS12 showroom floor. In this video Pino demos Zen’s secure communication service, which alerts physicians and staff to critical test results on whatever device they say they want to be reached on, whether it’s a fax machine, computer, phone or smartphone.

Founder Dr. Armen Hovanessian, a radiologist, came up with the idea after nearly losing a patient to a brain hemorrhage. Hovanessian didn’t have any information about the patient in front of him, but after frantically placing phone calls, he happened to reach someone who had his medical record.

“The patient was saved, but it took me 35 minutes of harrowing stress and incredible waste of a time trying to, by luck, save this man’s life,” Hovanessian said.

Zen aims to make use of all the devices providers already have on hand to get urgent messages where they need to go. The company is looking for beta users for its acute care communication system.

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