NexJ CRM – Applying a Patient-Centric Approach to Health Management

At HIMMS12, Senior VP & General Manager of Health Solutions Eric Gombrich hinted at new developments for NexJ’s cloud-based network. As the sixth fastest growing technology company in North America, NexJ’s customized customer relationship management tool is helping a growing number of users manage patient health and wellness through an online network.

The company believes that the healthcare system has an enterprise problem–and fragmented communication–between accountable care organizations, medical homes and hospitals. Their users are already finding real-time results, and NexJ hopes that their online network can continue to engage and mend communications between all key stakeholders.

 In addition to providing interoperability with EMRs and HIEs, NexJ also has an integrated app store that allows for their network to be used beyond simple triaging and communication. For example, one app allows diabetic users to take pictures of their food and answer questions about their subsequent health–info which is submitted to their nurses who can respond for real-time nutritional coaching.


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