Health 2.0 and StartUp Health co-host @ SXSW

SXSW attendees line up to get into the Health 2.0 and StartUp Health party in downtown Austin, Texas.

Last week, Health 2.0 and StartUp Health threw down at the Hanger Lounge in Austin, Texas during the SXSW Interactive festival. A diverse crowd of attractive healthIT nerds packed the roof-top bar, relieved the torrential rains from earlier in the week were no where to be seen.  There was no lack of health tech discussion either. The winners of the Health 2.0 and AT&T mHealth codeathon, the team behind Discoverful, were on hand to answer any questions about their fitbit driven tamagotchi – fail to hit your walking quota one day and your pet pouts, fail to meet it for a week and he runs away!

StartUp Health also announced their new class of “Health Transformers.” The participating companies for this quarter’s class are Medivo, dailyfeats, Zeel Networks, Basis, MotherKnows, BrainPaint,  Force Therapeutics, Direct Dermatology, and Care Dojo!

To encourage the crowd of developers, entrepreneurs, suits, and other SXSW health care folks to mingle, Health 2.0 ran a raffle focused around networking – teams of two entered, but individuals could join as many teams as they liked. We would like to congratulate Fred Trotter of Run or Else and Rebecca Woodcock of Cake Health for winning free tickets to Health 2.0 Spring Fling: Matchpoint Boston! We’ll see Rebecca and Fred, May 15th, for the next healthIT party.

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