Kaiser Wants More Mobile

Why are you participating in Matchpoint?
Kaiser Permanente is known for its leadership in the use of health information technology. We aim to empower our members by equipping them with their health information, as well as the tools they need to take action on that information to better their lives.

What may potential partners not know about Kaiser Permanente that they should know?
In the last year, Kaiser Permanente has entered the mobile world with force. Kaiser Permanente launched its first mobile application, KP Locator, in July 2011, followed by the EveryBody Walk! app. In January of this year, Kaiser Permanente made the largest electronic health record system in the world accessible by smartphone with the launch of its mobile-optimized website, m.kp.org, as well as an app for Android phones. Nearly 9 million Kaiser Permanente patients now have 24/7 access to their medical information anywhere in the world from their mobile devices.

What type of technology would complement/expand Kaiser Permanente’s portfolio?
Ideally, we would like to partner with companies that truly understand what it means and what it takes to put the patient at the center of all health care decisions and practices. We are interested in opportunities related to all aspects of mobile health and remote health management, including wearable sensors (e.g. Fitbit, Nike Fuel) and remote health condition monitoring.

What are some of the ways Kaiser Permanente has innovated over the past year and what role will Matchpoint play in your overall strategy?
Our culture of innovation is a natural extension of Kaiser Permanente’s leadership in health IT. Kaiser Permanente HealthConnect® is Kaiser Permanente’s comprehensive health information system, which includes one of the largest, most advanced electronic health records available in the United States. The member tool My Health Manager securely connects 8.9 million people to their health care teams, their personal information, and the latest medical knowledge, leveraging the integrated approaches to health care available only at Kaiser Permanente. In 2011, more than 68 million lab test results were made available online and patients made more than 12 million e-visits. These numbers are expected to increase significantly as more people have access to their doctors and their health information at the touch of a button.

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