Indu Subaiya Speaking on ‘Challengeology’ Panel at HDI III, June 5

Health care & technology stakeholders and enthusiasts will convene to discuss and propel the use of health data for innovative applications at the 2012 Health Data Initiative Forum (aka the Health Datapalooza) June 5-6.

Health 2.0 CEO & Co-Chairman Indu Subaiya will join the mix, speaking on the Challengeology: Incentives for Value Creation through Uses of Health Data panel. As Director of  the Health 2.0 Developer Challenges, she’ll be giving expertise on how successful challenges and code-a-thons are constructed and what winners and losers do to contribute to the health innovation movement.

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The 2012 Health Data Initiative Forum is part of Health Data & Innovation Week DC, a week-long series of events including HealthCampDC, Health 2.0′s Washington DC HD & IW Code-a-thon: Preventing Obesity, and the Walking Gallery.

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