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Medipattern, an auto CAD breast ultrasound software solutions provider, and MYTRAK, acute care electronic medical device developer, combined forces to launch MyTrak Personal Health Solutions. The new product is intended to address Metabolic Syndrome management by enabling patients to monitor their physical activity.

MyDirectives is a new patent pending health care planning platform by which users can create and share their Universal Advance Digital Directive with hospitals and health care providers, allowing patients’ medical decisions to become instantly retrievable.

A partnership between Preventice, mobile app and remote monitoring health care solutions provider, and Mihealth allow mobile health technologies to reach the Canadian Market.

Athletic company, New Balance released results from their wellness program that was put together in collaboration with Wellness & Prevention, Inc., provider of wellness integration for businesses. Organizations in MOTION is an experiment intended to reveal the potential benefits and effects that movement has on employees in a given workforce. Results sway positively in favor of movement, revealing that it increases energy levels and engagement.

The social-network wellness platform Healthper developed Heathngage, a customizable social gaming plan for businesses.

The 2012 Olympic games to be held in London will be the first to introduce electronic medical records for organization and management of athletes. GE’s Centricity Practice solution is the program that the Olympic Committee intends to utilize. Historically, paper records were shipped to the event locations.

A new remote monitoring provided for chronic illness patients thanks to a partnership between health care solutions provider Telus Health and telehealth communications company Orange. The Calydial solution is a pilot program for in-home remote monitoring of patients living with chronic kidney disease.

Electronic medical record provider MedKaz, received a U.S. patent for its personal health record system.

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