Drchrono EMR Now Uses Square for Physician Payments

There are cool gadgets. And then there are cool gadgets that integrate with cool gadgets.
Electronic medical record app creator drchrono took one, an iPad, and combined it with two, Square, and came up with a way for physicians to get paid on the spot.

Square is a small credit card reader that plugs into the headphone jack of an Apple device. Drchrono recently launched a new feature that reflects payments made via Square right in drchrono’s software. The amount from patient co-pays or out-of-pocket expenses also goes straight into physicians’ bank accounts, saving them the extra step of billing their practice or medical facility.

Also recently, drchrono launched its real-time health insurance eligibility check. Medical facilities can automatically look up a patient’s coverage information, saving doctors or staff a call to an insurance company. On the patient side, drchrono has a check-in app that allows patients to view the same information.

“It does a real time validation check for you right there. This is what you’re covered for, this is what your co pay is,” drchrono Co-founder Daniel Kivatinos said. “It’s pretty for awesome for you as a patient because you can take advantage of that and say, ‘Oh, I didn’t realize I was eligible for two check ups per year.’”

Kivatinos said the company has been thinking about incorporating real-time eligibility checking into its software for a few years. The timing was right because, not only did the company have the resources, but now there are devices like Square to package the feature with. So using the Square-eligibility check combination, patients can walk into a their doctor’s office, know exactly what their co-pay amount should be, and then pay that directly to the physician with a credit card and an Apple device.

“We’ve always gone after the individual doctors, which love Apple products or just want an elegant experience,” Kivatinos said.

He said there are other devices, like Square, that integrate well with an iPhone or iPad. Drchrono has its eye on them, but Kivatinos said the company’s not yet ready to announce what else might get brought into the mix.

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