RWJF Awards for Young Leaders

For 40 years the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has been helping Americans lead healthier lives and get the care they need. As one way to mark its 40th year, RWJF has established the Young Leader Awards: Recognizing Leadership for a Healthier America. Up to 10 awards will be given to young leaders, 40 and under, who offer great promise for leading the way to improved health and health care for all Americans. Each winner will receive an individual award of $40,000.

Between May 31, 2012, and July 16, 2012, RWJF will accept third party-only nominations through a Call for Nomination process. The Young Leaders Awards will recognize leaders who have demonstrated the characteristics necessary to provide leadership for improving health and health care in the future. Some of the characteristics a nominee will have demonstrated include:

  • The ability to bring others together to achieve results greater than what a single person could bring about;
  • The capacity to apply learning beyond the boundaries of a single discipline;
  • A history of developing great ideas into products, services or policies that have made a difference in health and health care; and
  • Demonstrable evidence of impact on health and health care that extends beyond an initial group of people to reach additional populations, likely to be sustainable over the decades ahead.

These Young Leaders might work, for example, in government, business or not-for-profit organizations and may come from a variety of geographic, disciplinary and philosophical orientations. Examples of potential young leaders include but are not limited to: scientists working on discontinuities with potential to cure or largely control major diseases; health innovators; technology developers who could lower the cost of health care; scientists who apply new knowledge; role models who can increase health consciousness or change how we eat and stay active; change agents shaping policy, systems, or behavior who figure out how to address important social factors for health; health equity promoters, as well as those working to make schools and neighborhoods healthy.

To view the Call for Nominations and information about criteria and nomination requirements, go to A prestigious panel of experts from diverse fields of innovation will select the awardees to recommend to RWJF. Winners will be announced at an RWJF October 25-26, 2012, conference in Princeton, N.J.

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