Independa Partners with GreatCall for Emergency Response

Independa partnered with wireless services provider GreatCall to create an emergency response system for elderly patients.

Independa has a few different products for patients and caregivers that help seniors maintain greater independence, whether they’re living on their own or in an assisted living home. The company recently introduced Artemis, a service that involves using information collected from health and home sensors to help family members and caregivers monitor Artemis users remotely.

Now Independa will integrate GreatCall’s 5Star Urgent Response with Artemis. The 5Star system uses a small device that connects with registered nurse or dispatch 911 services when users push a button during an emergency. The 5Star system will communicate with the Artemis system to keep a personal record of emergency calls. Information about the calls will be incorporated into Independa’s cloud-based Caregiver Web App, a health information dashboard.

Artemis, along with this feature, is set to be available this fall.

Not only does the 5Star device provide a way for users to alert others when they’re in an emergency situation, but the device has built-in GPS technology that lets call recipients pinpoint the location of the user.

“Wireless and mobile technology represent the next significant direction in enabling older adults to feel safe when they are out and about,” Founder of the market research firm Aging in Place Technology Watch Laurie Orlov said in a news release.

While the general population might feel uneasy about the increasingly intrusive ― and often creepy ― nature of our mobile devices, the feeling doesn’t cary over to the elderly population in all cases. Many of these people feel that sacrificing a little privacy is worth it if they can live on their own longer.

Independa’s been expanding its offerings based on the idea that mobile technology can help them do this. The company has had a busy year, announcing partnerships with LG Electronics and Telcare, creator of a mobile blood glucose meter. Independa also closed its convertible note funding at $2.35 million back in April.

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