Health 2.0 to Launch Physician Market Research Pavilion

November 15th – 18th in Boston MA, Health 2.0 will be launching a first of its kind physician market research pavilion. This event, run in partnership with DBC Pri-Med LLC, will give emerging health technology companies the opportunity to run a structured focus group of primary care clinicians and provide an environment that stimulates dialogue around technology and improved patient care.

Primary care plays a critical role in all aspects of patient care but today’s busy primary care physicians have little time to interact with the online and mobile technologies that have the potential to fundamentally change the way health care works. Our goal is to create a platform that allows budget conscious entrepreneurs the opportunity to conduct strategic needs assessments of today’s primary care clinician.

Pri-Med is a natural partner to help us create that collaboration with clinicians as they represent an active and engaged community of over 260,000 health care professionals who share a common goal of lifelong learning to advance patient care.

If you are interested in learning more about this physician market research opportunity please contact Health 2.0 Director of Sales Patrick Ryan

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