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Online physician professional network Doximity raised a $17 million Series B financing led by Morgenthaler Ventures. The company, which is just about a year and a half old, has raised $27 million to date.

Health In Reach, a website that provides discounts and allows for online appointment scheduling, launched a reward program called CarePoints. CarePoints work like frequent flyer miles, and over time patients can redeem the points toward the cost of their health care.

Navigating Cancer has partnered with more than 500 oncology providers, the company said in recent press release. Navigating Cancer provides a cloud-based patient portal that integrates with patients’ electronic health records so that they can better understand their oncology-related health information.

Simplee now provides its platform through Mutual of Omaha, an employee benefits carrier. Simplee is an online program that aims to facilitate patients’ management and payment of medical claims and bills.

Cambridge Healthcare launched a new health app store in partnership with Microsoft HealthVault. The store is integrated with Cambridge Healthcare‘s How Are You? a free personal health record for patients in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service system.

BetterDoctor, which launched at Health 2.0 Boston 2012, announced that it’s now out of beta and is available in the Bay Area. Better Doctor helps patients find a doctor based on physician type, physician ratings, and the patient’s insurance plan.

Agile Health raised $2 million, according to a recent Securities and Exchange Commission filing. Agile Health created the Kick Buts program, a text-based smoking cessation coaching system.

NovaSom, Inc., which created an FDA-cleared wireless Obstructive Sleep Apnea home test, partnered with SSM Center for Sleep Disorders. The center is a service provided by SSM Health Care — St. Louis, and the Out-of-Center Sleep Testing will be available to patients at seven locations beginning in October.

Stanford student startup accelerator StartX hosted a demo day last week. New health care startups included DermLink, Nutrivise and NuMedii, Inc. You can watch their demos here.

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