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The Cleveland Clinic and IBM partnered for an effort to advance supercomputer Watson‘s medical knowledge. Medical students will work with Watson to solve challenging cases within hypothetical clinical simulations. The students will help evaluate the quality of evidence that Watson provides in the process.

New Accenture research shows that more and more physicians are abandoning independent practice, citing business operation expenses as their main burden. More than half rank concerns about EMR requirements as one of their top reasons for seeking employment.

Health management application creator ORCAS has a new game for children with asthma. ORCAS developed Lungtropolis with the American Lung Association as an educational tool for kids ages five to 10. ORCAS just added a new video and blog to Lungtropolis for parents to use.

Reflexion Health, Inc. received a $4.25 million investment from the The West Health Investment Fund. Reflexion designs prescribable physical therapy software that incorporates the Microsoft Kinect motion tracking system.

PharmaSecure, creator of the psConnect platform, partnered with Portea Medical Group and DocSuggest. The partnership allows for a new mobile phone service that patients near Mumbai, Delhi/NCR, Bangalore and Hyderabad can use to find doctors, hospitals, or pharmacies from a network of more than 10,000 providers.

Providers in North Central London will begin to send appointment reminders and information about services like immunizations and screenings to patients via text. The North Central London NHS Cluster has committed to funding offices’ use of iPLATO Patient Care Messaging for the next three years.

Carestream Health has acquired imaging software developer Genesis Digital Imaging, Inc. Genesis is a distributor of Carestream’s Vita computed radiography system, which it integrates its software with. Genesis sells the integrated systems to more than 120 medical equipment dealers in the U.S.

Zephyr Technology, creator of a wireless vital signs monitor, partnered with Massachusetts General Hospital for a clinical trail. Massachusetts General will be evaluating Zephyr’s BioHarness and ZephyrLIFE Monitoring System.

Consulting and brokerage firm Keenan released the results of its annual Health Care Benefits Strategy Survey. The results, which include data from 83 health care organizations representing 219 hospitals, shed light on how health care organizations plan to manage their employee benefits programs.

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