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Health insurance company Humana acquired Certify Data Systems, which will now operate as a subsidiary of Humana. Certify is a health information exchange company, and its HealthLogix platform allows for two way sharing of clinical information across disparate electronic health record systems.

GNS Healthcare, a data analytics company, partnered with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Mount Sinai School of Medicine to research multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer. GNS has a Reverse Engineering and Forward Simulation platform, which can create models of diseases to be used to research therapies.

The University of Pittsburgh began a study that involves using wearable devices to track how the flu spreads in schools. Children were given a sensor to wear throughout the day so that researchers could learn who they came in contact with and when. Read more about how the Social Mixing And Respiratory Transmission study works.

Regenstrief Institute, an informatics and health care research organization, formed a partnership with Merck to study personalized medicine and treatments for chronic conditions. The two companies signed a five year agreement to use data analytics to study diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis.

Withings debuted its Wireless Scale WS-30 in the United States. The Bluetooth technology is what differentiates this from the original Withings scale. Now information from each weigh-in is automatically transmitted to the companion mobile app.

Independence Blue Cross, a health insurer in southeastern Pennsylvania, launched the WebMD Digital Health Assistant. After completing a health risk assessment, members use the online application to coach them toward better lifestyle choices and behaviors.

Online social network Alliance Health partnered with filmmaker Jenny Mackenzie to raise awareness for children with diabetes. Alliance is supporting Mackenzie’s fundraising campaign to help finance the production of Sugar Babies, her latest project about type 1 and type 2 diabetes in children.

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