Announcing Matchpoint 2013: Matchpoint NYC, OnDemand, & More

Our team at Health 2.0 is excited about sharing the 2013 Matchpoint program. Since our last post, we’ve created new ways to enhance both of our sponsors’ and innovators’ experiences in finding lasting partnerships.

Matchpoint East is set to hit the ground running in New York City in June, where innovations are more than noteworthy. As Marco Smit, SVP of Health 2.0 put it, “Health 2.0 recognizes the caliber of health tech startups in New York’s burgeoning health technology ecosystem.” Thus, we are prepared to impress our host sponsors for yet another round of Matchpoint meetings.

As Matchpoint East marks the launch of this year’s series of live meetings, we’re also introducing Matchpoint OnDemand, our new method of introducing innovators to host sponsors virtually. OnDemand allows companies to meet whenever, wherever. Companies can meet on-the-spot, without the need to wait for our traditional in-person meetings. What I hope this brings to the table is the convenience and opportunity to improve dialogue between health industry leaders and our innovative community. More meetings may equate to more avenues for meaningful discussions with innovative trailblazers.

Additionally, we are adding market intelligence reports for our sponsors which highlight hot new companies, market segment developments, and funding news. Sponsors can get the inside scoop on new market trends and companies that Health 2.0 has their eye on. Also, Health 2.0 is also offering custom Matchpoints for various organizations and foundations through the year.

We’ve got a busy year ahead with these new additions, but we are excited to see how these new products will give companies greater chances to meet than ever before.  Our previous participants have found lasting partnerships with big clients. We are looking forward to encouraging more of them.

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