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Cerner announced that it will acquire PureWellness, a health and wellness company that offers a platform for corporate wellness programs. In combination with Cerner Millennium and Cerner HealtheIntent, the offering will be known as Cerner Wellness, and further strengthens Cerner’s position in the population management market.

MedSnap released an iPhone app for medication recognition. The app allows providers to take a photo of a patient’s medications, which the app then analyzes to display the name and strength of each drug along with drug-drug interactions, drug-disease contraindications, and allergies based on the patient’s medical records. Eventually, the app will include features like medication reminders and caregiver monitoring.

Health care speech recognition technology vendor MModal partnered with Intermountain Healthcare to prototype and develop a mobile app for speech-enabled computerized physician order entry (CPOE). Spoken orders are sent to an MModal server in the cloud where they are translated into text. Given the complexity of speech recognition, the app is intended mainly for use with common ailments and has “human check” built in.

Dell launched a business-ready tablet with enhanced security configurations, aimed at highly regulated industries such as government agencies, financial institutions and health care organizations. The tablet is designed to address management and security challenges faced by health care organizations deploying tablets.

Aker Eye/Vision Center, Florida, saw improved efficiency and patient flow by using Versus Technology’s clinic patient flow system. This Real Time Locating System (RTLS) uses staff and patient badges to communicate with wireless sensors installed in patient care area, and tracks the stages of every patient visit. Aker is the nation’s second optometry practice to adopt this technology.

A report released by Black Book Rankings found that as many as 17% of medical practices could be switching EHR vendors by the end of the year. Most providers indicated that EHR systems simply did not live up to expectations, and were lacking in desired features, including sophisticated interfaces with other practice programs, complex connectivity and networking schemes, pacing with accountable care progress and the rapid EHR adoption of mobile devices.

The Department of Veterans Affairs announced it will deploy real-time locating system (RTLS) technology at 152 of its medical centers throughout the U.S. with a goal of improving operational efficiency. Intelligent InSites, the subcontractor providing the software, will begin by tagging medical equipment and supplies; the tags will automatically collect data that will enable VA officials to view analytics regarding operational efficiency. The VA eventually plans to expand monitoring into clinical applications.

Online fitness startup Wello launched Group Workouts where three to five users can work out together. This plan costs less than regular one-on-one sessions, and allows users to communicate among eachother. Wello recently raised $1 million in seed funding.

Humetrix, a San Diego-based software company, released a cross-platform version of its iBlueButton app that allows patients and physicians to exchange medical information at the point of care via smartphones and tablets. Humetrix won the federal government’s Blue Button mashup innovation challenge in 2012.

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