Axial Exchange Introduces the Patient Engagement Index

PersonalHMAxial Exchange today debuted its Patient Engagement Index, a ranking of Florida hospitals based on their success at engaging their patient population. Florida’s index was completed first because the state’s demographics frame a bellwether for the rest of the nation, Axial said. Rankings from hospitals across the U.S. will be added to the index over the next few months.

The 74 major hospital system scores were based on metrics in three areas: personal health resources, social media engagement, and patient satisfaction. Out of the three categories, personal health management was weighted most heavily, making up half of the overall score. Hospitals that performed well in this area offered patients electronic access to their records as well as resources like mobile tools for day-to-day management of their condition.

Patient engagement is one of Meaningful Use’s major priorities. Additionally last October, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services introduced value-based purchasing (VBP), a payment model based on quality. VBP takes a patient’s care experience into account when determining payment. In order to receive maximum reimbursement, hospitals will have to consider ways to increase patient satisfaction.

Axial itself is in the patient engagement business, though it didn’t start there. Axial first offered Axial Alerts, a system designed to facilitate information exchange between the emergency room and primary care physicians or case managers.

It still exists today as Axial Provider, which notifies a patient’s PCP when he unexpectedly lands in the ER. The system continues to send his regular provider real-time alerts about what’s going on. In answer to national changes in reimbursement and evolving hospital needs, the company has since introduced Axial Patient, which helps individuals to manage their care post-discharge.

To view the Patient Engagement Index rankings click here.

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