Mother and BabyTime: Moms Use iPads to Visit their Infant in the NICU

Optimized-Cedars-SinaiAn iPad program called BabyTime at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles now allows mothers to bond with their newborn in the neonatal intensive care unit. BabyTime lets moms who aren’t well enough to travel after delivery to see their child and interact with his or her care team via secure Internet connection.

“When doctors and nurses are treating a newborn in the NICU, mom can be right there asking questions and getting updates, even if she’s on a different floor,” Charles F. Simmons Jr., MD, chair of the Cedars-Sinai Department of Pediatrics, said in a press release.

When a baby is newly admitted to the NICU, the staff sets up an iPad next to the infant’s incubator. His mother uses an iPad from her bed to check in on the baby twice a day.

Mothers who have undergone a Cesarean section or who have experienced complications are sometimes in bed for up to two days after childbirth. Rachel Little, whose daughter was delivered by C-section, was one of the first mothers to try BabyTime in February.

She used it to talk to her baby and soothe her when she started to cry. It wasn’t as good as being able to hold her, Little said, but it worked as a good temporary solution until her daughter was released from the NICU a day later.

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