Digital Health 101 and Beyond at Health 2.0 Local Chicago

ChicagoLast year, the Chicago Health 2.0 chapter held the very first Health 2.0 Local conference. We were new, we made mistakes, but overall our attendees provided us with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Roughly half of our audience members were somewhat new to digital health, while the other half were steeped in it. The former wanted introductory material, and the latter wanted trends, predictions, and health care MBA material. This led us to rethink our conference content this year. We are hosting two conferences, the first is a entrepreneurship-focused Digital Health 101 conference on April 13, and the second will be in fall/winter and will focus on the promise of a connected health environment.

Starting and Finishing 101

One of our goals for this conference, and for the community at large, is to help more people get from idea to product, and subsequently from product to business. We wanted seasoned serial entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial journeys and the mettle it takes to start-up and succeed in health care technology:

  • Glen Tullman, managing partner at 7WireVentures and most recently CEO of Allscripts, will provide the opening keynote and share key opportunities in health care, and what it takes to grow a technology-driven healthcare business from ground up.
  • Eric Langshur, partner at Abundant Venture Partners and founder of AVIA Innovation, will share his personal journey on innovating in health care and the importance of recognizing opportunities and knowing how to capitalize on them.

We’re also pairing 32 digital health founders, and health care innovation catalysts with entrepreneurs in a breakfast roundtable session to share knowledge, lessons learned, and gain practical industry insights on crucial topics in building a health tech business.

What led to the Digital Health 101 theme?

Many of our community members, or those who discover us, are new to the Health 2.0 version of health care. They may have been thinking about ways to solve problems in health care in innovative ways, but haven’t gotten through the barrier of starting a health care business focused on technology as a solution. As community organizers, we mentor, advise, and point folks to various resources, and connect them with subject matter experts in their areas of interest. We noticed that there were some foundational factors that people were consistently tripping up on and that became severe impediments at various stages of forming their products, services, and businesses.

With a 101 theme, we realized that it wouldn’t be meaningful to just throw people a bunch of “must knows” because realistically we would need to understand more about the context of their specific businesses to provide actionable and practical guidance. We’ll be providing the tip of the iceberg versions during the conference followed by workshops on the key topics in the following weeks.

The conference program is intended to help those who are new to digital health, Health 2.0, and entrepreneurship in health care understand some basics that will help them start up businesses. For early stage startups who don’t have traction yet, or have built up traction but are trying to figure out what to do next, the sessions will help them identify opportunities, focus their businesses, and understand how to strategically grow.

Here’s a brief summary of the topics we arrived at:

  • Digital Health Landscape: Overview & Opportunities addresses the current sectors of digital health, new and emerging areas, timely opportunities, and resources in Chicago that are driving the health technology engine.
  • Features John Hoesley, Silicon Valley Bank; Dr. Abel Kho, CHITREC, moderated by Jaime Moran, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.
  • Entrepreneurship in Digital Health: What’s Different? will highlight regulatory issues that are recurring topics and barriers in digital health startups. This includes topics such as FDA regulations, HIPAA, and state-specific licenses that will be presented in a practical framework which includes the perspectives of entrepreneurs who had to wrangle with these issues recently.
  • Features Stephanie Vasconcellos, Neil Gerber Isenberg; Jane Lea Smith, Gfk User Centric; Sarah Doherty,TeleHealthNow; Fahad Aziz, CareMerge; moderated by Michael Canter, Emmi Solutions.
  • Build a Business, Not Just an Idea! will highlight business models in digital health, including B2C, B2B, and partnership strategies. We’ll have entrepreneurs walkthrough the strategic decisions they had to make and the factors they considered.
  • Features Dan Malven, Analyte Health; Khan Siddiqui, Higi; Alejandro Vega, Huli Health; moderated by Adam Koopersmith, New World Ventures.
  • Pivoting, Growing, Scaling: Would you Recognize It? emphasizes the importance of knowing and recognizing the stages of your business. How would you know when to recognize opportunities to pivot, how to plan for different levels of growth, and what it means to scale a business in digital health.
  • Features Shradha Agarwal and Rishi Shah, ContextMedia; Hani Elias and Will Danford; Procured Health; moderated by Patrick Spain, First Stop Health.

We are thrilled that our keynote speakers, panelists, moderators, and mentors are all Chicagoans. That’s what makes this a Local conference — we’re focused on the healthcare landscape that Chicago-based businesses, providers, payors, and healthcare practitioners are grappling with.

Starting & Finishing 101 for Digital Health Startups is on Sat, 13 April. Regular tickets $100. Get $25 off with HEALTH2NEWS.

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