A Q&A with Kimberly Park of Janssen Healthcare Innovation

Optimized-KimParkThe Health 2.0 team recently had a chance to catch up with Kimberly Park of Janssen Healthcare Innovation to learn more about the group and why they are enthusiastic about sponsoring the Innovate Health Tech NYC Challenge, an initiative of the New York City Economic Development Corporation. Here is what we learned:

Q: Tell us about Janssen Healthcare Innovation.

Janssen Healthcare Innovation is an entrepreneurial team within Johnson & Johnson established about two and a half years ago. We collaborate to create solutions that will transform the consumer healthcare experience, improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. We are launching integrated care businesses and building enabling technologies that harness the broad and differentiated capabilities of Johnson & Johnson to solve the fundamental challenges of healthcare.

Q: How do you approach innovation?

We are a future-focused team that operates like a nimble startup company. Our approach is to learn, iterate, reapply and execute with excellence.

Q: What kind of technologies and healthcare solutions is your group developing?

The types of solutions we are developing can be broken down into two categories—integrated care businesses that coordinate care delivery to improve health outcomes and lower cost, and enabling technologies that increase efficiency and effectiveness through coordination, communication and connectivity. For example, we are piloting an integrated care business called Care4Today™ Heart Health, a best-in-class cardiac rehabilitation program designed to address patient recruitment, retention and system efficiencies. One of our enabling technologies is Care4Today™ Mobile Health Manager, a free, secure, two-way messaging platform, mobile app and website that provides customized reminders for users to take medications, refill prescriptions and visit their care provider. These are just two of many initiatives currently underway.

Q: Why is Janssen Healthcare Innovation sponsoring the Innovate Health Tech NYC Challenge?

We are always on the lookout for big ideas that will transform healthcare and are eager to partner with the best entrepreneurs out there. New York City is a hotbed for healthcare technology and we see supporting this challenge as an opportunity to support entrepreneurs, bring forward the best ideas and identify potential partners for our own initiatives. We strongly believe that only by working together can we solve the big problems of healthcare.

Q: What are you personally most looking forward to about the Challenge?

I love the energy that is generated when a bunch of creative minds showcase their best ideas at a demo day. I am inspired by how different people apply technology to develop simple, elegant, diverse, and novel ways to address problems that have been plaguing our healthcare system for decades.

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