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Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI), one of the nation’s largest non-profit health providers, and Accenture partnered on a nine-month initiative to apply analytics to identify at-risk factors among patient populations. The initiative will focus on enhancing data warehouse capabilities, and will use Accenture Connected Health Services to establish a solutions platform that can be applied to future quality measurement programs.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon are developing edible biosensors for a range of uses including detecting core body temperature and GI tract problems. Last year, the FDA cleared the first ingestible biosensor.

Intuit Health announced the registration of its seven millionth patient to the Intuit Health Patient Portal. One million new patients have registered to use the portal in the past six months and Intuit currently averages 7,000 new patient activations every day.

Johns Hopkins scientists created a free, Web-based tool to help patients decide whether it’s best to accept a less-than-ideal but immediately available donor kidney, or wait for a healthier one. The researchers showed there are some patients for whom survival outweighs the risks of accepting a possibly infected organ, and then developed a mathematical model to help predict which patients they would be.

athenahealth partnered with Mashery, provider of API management technology and services, to provide new web-services-based APIs for the health care IT developer community. With access to doctors’ appointment data, patient’s medical history (anonymized), billing information and more, the company hopes developers will be able to create an ecosystem of apps on top of athenahealth’s EMR service.

WellTok, a social health management company, raised $18.7M in Series B funding from Emergence Capital Partners, InterWest Partners and New Enterprise Associates (NEA). It’s flagship product, CaféWell, is a corporate health benefit engagement platform, with a consumer base of over 10M.

Medical imaging company, Mobisante, launched the tablet version of its portable ultrasound system called the MobiUS TC1. Mobisante received FDA-clearance for the smartphone version of this technology in 2011.

The proposed fiscal budget for 2014 increased the funding for the Office of National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) by 28%. The department now has an operational budget of $78M.

GE Healthcare and HCA Summerville Medical Center partnered to use real-time data and analytics to track hand hygiene compliance. The GE Healthcare AgileTrac RTLS (Real-Time Location System) will track clinicians’ hand-washing behavior using small sensor tags, and collect up to 5,000 data points a day vs. 700 per year with manual observation.

On Lok Lifeways, a San Francisco based health care service provider for seniors, received about $898K in grant funding from United Healthcare. On Lok Lifeways’ EMR initiative was launched using United Healthcare’s $250K grant in 2009, and the latest funding will help strengthen the system further.

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