A Spotlight on Designers at Health:Refactored


With Health:Refactored just around the corner, we’re shining a spotlight on one of the key players in the health tech innovation ecosystem: the designer!

Whether you are designing a clean UI for a personal health dashboard or a mobile app that delivers customers with an extraordinary experience, effective design is critical to both customer retention and engagement.

Designers are uniquely skilled at interpreting vast amounts of data and adding important context for users. This contextual framework is often shared via elegant visuals, ranging from graphs, tables, diagrams, and images, to the sleek form factor of wearable gadgets.

The Health:Refactored line up is a “Who’s Who” in the design arena. World-class design gurus will share key principles and strategies–unique to designing for health IT–exploring key questions for designers, including:

How can we design to optimize for behavior change?
Where are the pitfalls to designing for health?
Which design strategies, used in other industries, be applied to health?

Renowned design gurus who have been successful in health IT are eager to share their insights with attendees. A few stellar speakers to highlight include:

  • Gretchen Wustrack, who spearheads IDEO’s Active Health domain, will discuss “Understanding, Engaging, and Guiding the Health User,” to help designers leverage patients’ behavioral attributes.
  • Former Creative Lead for Firefox and now VP at Jawbone, Aza Raskin will discuss the importance of “Asking the Right Questions and Solving the Right Problems when Designing for Health.”
  • VP Interactive at FitBit Tim Roberts will share stories of design ideas gone wrong and how data helped prevent or uncover them in “Defeating Bad Product Decisions with Good Data.”
  • Aaron Sklar, who spearheads Healthagen’s experience strategy & design, will share how to design simple mobile and online services aimed at consumers.

There’s only one week left and we are almost at capacity, so spread the word about Health:Refactored to your designer friends and colleagues before it’s too late!


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