MuleSoft: APIs in Health Care Are Just the First Step


In preparation for Health:Refactored, our code and design focused conference taking place May 13–14, we sat down with David Chao of MuleSoft. He will be speaking on the panel “Dreaming of Data: Big, Open, & Interoperable – Part I on May 13. Follow the Health:Refactored speaker interview series here.

David Chao, senior product manager at MuleSoft, Inc., explains how his company effectively helps its customers to connect their systems to other systems. MuleSoft works in several other industries besides health care. Chao said health care’s problem right now is that it’s struggling to play catch up in terms of realizing technology’s value. And even though the field has made progress, it can’t stop now. “The message is very much: APIs are starting to be prevalent in health care, but getting them out is only the first step — there’s still a lot of work to be done in making sure that they are effectively utilized to improve patient outcomes,” Chao said.

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