Geoffrey Clapp: Why It’s Good that the Law Lags Technology

Optimized-GeoffClappIn preparation for Health:Refactored, our code and design focused conference taking place May 13–14, we sat down with Geoffrey Clapp, founder of Better. He will be speaking on the panel “Scary Acronyms: HIPAA, USPTO, FDA, EHRs” on May 13. Click on each player to hear answers to questions about his current roles and his take on advising, learning, and heeding regulations. Follow the rest of the Health:Refactored speaker interview series here

You’re a Rock Health advisor as well as a startup founder. Which persona are we going to see on stage? The student or the teacher?

When companies are just starting out, if they’re stepping into uncharted territory, how do they calculate the amount of money they’ll need to dedicate to figuring out all of the regulations?

We know that the law lags technology. How much does that impede technology from being used to its full potential, for better or for worse?

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